Entering Tenebrea
Andrea Flores, vulnerable and distraught over the murder of her family, begins an inexhaustible quest for revenge that plunges her into the center of an intergalactic war. Admiral Hal K’Rin of the planet Jod takes her under wing and trains her as part of a special operations unit, the Tenebrea. She quickly finds herself embroiled in the early stages of a war involving a displaced race of humans who manufacture clones. At the core of this conflict is the truth she seeks.
Tenebrea's Hope
Andrea continues her quest for answers about her family's murder. However, her fate is now entwined with the fate of the clones on the planet Cor. She meets the magnetic, haughty resistance leader, Brigon, and they embark on a rocky, passionate relationship as they decide to join forces. Meanwhile, her benefactor Hal K'Rin falls prey to the political intrigues of the Jod Council. Each step brings her closer to the truth she seeks, the truth she could never have imagined.
Tenebrea Rising
Andrea and Brigon attempt a daring rescue of Hal KıRin from Klamdara Prison. In the process, Andrea discovers that her mentor KıRin has his own secrets that directly affect Andrea in her quest for the truth. Now bereft of family, embittered toward KıRin, yet moved by the inhumanity suffered by the clones, Andrea co-leads a bold clone insurrection with Brigon. The truth Andrea seeks is ultimately revealed, but not without a price.

Hardback editions of The Tenebrea Trilogy are now available. This is a limited run of only 750 books that the authors are using to raise money for their favorite charities. For more information on how to obtain a copy please go to Daniel Graham's site. Thank you!


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