• Roxann is now a producer/director on Cold Case

  • Acting!
  • Nothing at this time

  • Appearances!
    NOTE: all appearances are tentative, pending other professional commitments.

  • The Official STAR TREK Convention 2009 Las Vegas, Nevada - August 6-9, 2009

  • CHAT!
  • None scheduled at this time
  • Transcript from Roxann's September 10, 2004 chat here!

  • Books!
    All three books of the "Tenebrea Trilogy" are in bookstores now; they're also available on Autographed copies are available on this site.

    Coming soon!
    News on an upcoming PBS documentary on the behind the scenes of the
    making of a television episode. Roxann’s episode of  Enterprise, Vox Sola, is featured.

    Notes from Roxann on Past Appearances

    From March 1, 2003 convention in Seattle
    "Thanks to all of you who attended! I was so happy to receive $700 for Camp Heartland from our auction of an Enterprise script. I had a wonderful time and it was a pleasure meeting each and every one of you. Robbie and I also loved being able to perform Love Letters again. The audience was great. Thanks for a terrific weekend!"

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