Roxann's Birthday Chat - September 10, 2004

Roxann Hello everyone!
Luckylady Hi Roxann!
antoa Hello Roxann Happy B-day!
Minna Hi Roxann
Luckylady Happy Birthday!!!
Shanelle Hi Roxann
Pakeha Hi Roxann
sabazel Hey Roxann
Flying_Squirrel Haha we're all making Roxann's computer beep
Bryan_Ray_Cook Hi Roxanne Mrs. Dawson Happy Birthday.
RoxyGurl0 hey Roxsann
Spacecadet hi roxann, good to see you again
DBill Hello
Flying_Squirrel Hello
Lost_Shuttle hi roxann Happy Birthday
SammyLee HAPPY B_DAY to you.. Happy b-day to you.. happy b-day dear ROXAN happy to you
antoa a minute early by my clock
Minna Yes, Happy Birthday!!! (over midnight here)
Shanelle Happy Birthday
sabazel Many Happy Returns
RoxyGurl0 Happy B-Day
Roxann Wow What nice Bday messages!
Pakeha Happy birthday frlom NZ, (it is the 11th here)
Greg_B Happy B Day 'Rox'!!!
Marie Nice to 'meet you' roxann :)
Pakeha Hope it's going to be a good year ahead
RoxyGurl0 How ru tonite, Roxann?
Lost_Shuttle Happy Birthday from the crew of the tahawus they will give me KP if i don't relay them
Roxann 9/11 Never anticipated my birthday would become such an infamous day.
James_Ian Happy birthday from Eureka springs ar
Greg_B No!!! You were born on 9/11???Lord!!!
Spacecadet a day that changed all our lives roxann.........
danatbird Just tell me when you're ready for questions, Roxann...
Roxann Thank you Dana ,our fabulous web master, for making this happen.
danatbird aw, shucks...
Flying_Squirrel Go Dana!
SammyLee Yeep TY DANA.. we all apreceat it..
Aurora_Borealis yes, we've singing Dana's praises
Pakeha Yea, thanks Dana
Luckylady Thanks dana!!!
Spacecadet yes 3 cheers for dana, ahehas done a magnificent always
Roxann yeah dana!!!!!
danatbird And thanks to Caw for pointing me to this software!
Lost_Shuttle hehe i will let caw know you said that dana
Roxann Dana did you want to start w/some questions that were posted?
danatbird Okay, here come the questions....
danatbird From sabazel Miss Dawson were you in any way involved in the making of Trekkies 2.
Roxann No, I was not involved in Trekkies 2
Roxann In fact I was not involved in Trekkies 1 that I know of
Pakeha Is that the Denise Cosby one?
sabazel Yes
Roxann Anyone see it? Was I in it?
Luckylady Yes they had a short glinps of you so you are in the credits for that.
Roxann What did I do?
Alycia Roxanne is Jesus the Diver available on DVD yet?
Luckylady they were filming a shot and you were in it
Roxann No, Jesus the driver is not available on DVD yet.
Roxann Trekkies was a series of interviews and behind the scenes clips. I don't always know when the camera is on. I signed a release in case I appeared, but I have never seen the film.
danatbird Next question:
danatbird Are you writhing any more books in the immediate future?
Roxann Writhing?
Roxann Always writhing. I am a Klingon.
danatbird I think she meant, writing - typos happen!
Roxann I am not writing at the moment.I have been so busy directing that I haven't had time.
Roxann Thanks
danatbird Next question is from The303...
danatbird How hard was it for you to make the transition from actor to director? Did you have to go to school again? And what advice can you give those who want to make the transition from writing or acting to directing?
Roxann It is a transition I am still making. I have hours of episodic TV under my belt but you continue to have to prove yourself.
Pakeha So are you going to stick more to the directing and be in front of the cameras mess?
Pakeha less
Roxann I also did quite a bit of acting last year, so I fee that I was blessed with the best of 2 worlds.
SammyLee Well you did good with the Dristrict...and the Charmed to se ya bransh out and Your name aper.ty for it
Alycia And your work is always distinctive Roxanne I watch Crossing Jordan jsut to see your work as I do ENterprise
RoxyGurl0 awesome
Roxann Crossing Jordan will be airing Oct. 17th
Spacecadet is your husband still directing also roxann ?
Roxann My husband is a casting director. A different profession.
danatbird Next questions are from Luckylady: I work in film and video and I wanted to know what editing systems you use at Paramount? Do you find any one system the industry seems to be leaning towards?
Roxann Well the avid is pretty accepted and used
danatbird More from Luckylady: What was it like to work with Pat Benatar?
Roxann She was so cooool! It was the first shot I did on the first day, and I had so much fun! She is a class act!
danatbird And a couple more: Have either of your children seen your work on Voyager yet? If so what do they think?
Roxann My oldest knows me on Voyager. I think I would frighten my youngest who does not know me in makeup at all.
danatbird From t4e: Is it truth that you had a bike before, and which one was it?
Roxann Motor or bicycle?
Luckylady Motor I belive]
danatbird It doesn't look like t4e is here yet
Aurora_Borealis I think it's your motorbike
Roxann Motorcycle yes. I sold it whenI became pregnant. I ride my bike though, usually between 20 and 35 mile rides here near my home.
Spacecadet roxann as you know, my son is in Iraq, and we really appreciste your support of the troops there
danatbird from jojo: Since your time on the set of "Voyager" do you believe that you may one day reprise therole of B'elanna again, in the forseeable future? And also, what are your opinons on the future of the franchise as a whole since Enterprise?
Roxann Hey SpaceCadet- Thank you so much for your son's service. God bless him and you.
Spacecadet ty so much roxann
Roxann I was just on the set of Enterprise talking to Levar Burton who said that he would only appear as a distant relative of his character who looked very much like he does now... I feel the same.
Roxann I don't see B'Elanna appearing anytime soon!
danatbird from Aurora Borealis: What was the first production you were in and how did that make you feel?
Roxann Wow, the first production would have to be theatre. And being on the stage is like nothing else.Completely addictive. I fell in love. It was probably a school play. My first professional job was A Chorus Line on Broadway.
danatbird More from Aurora: I never knew you were of Hispanic descent until I found out you were nominated for an ALMA. In looking at some of your earlier roles, you have portrayed Hispanic persons - do you intentionally audition for those roles, or did you audition for those roles to 'get your foot in the door', so to speak?
Roxann An actor never wants to be typecast. Yes I got "hispanic" roles because of how I look. But I don't naturally speak with an accent and I have always seen myself as being able to play anything. And thank God that others have seen me that way as well
danatbird Next 3 from Aurora: Have you ever been dissatisfied with some of your work; something that you may leave or may have left off of your resume, if so, why?
Roxann I am always dissatisfied with my work. I always see things I could have done better
danatbird (from aurora) Why the change in last names?
Roxann My maiden name is Caballero. I probably should have kept that as my stage name but an agent convinced me that I should find a name that was less "restrictive".
danatbird (from aurora) And something fun - what do you like to do for your birthdays, before and after September 11, 2004 if you've done anything different since then.
Roxann My birthdays have always been a time for introspection. They continue to be. Especially now. Especially in light of what is happening in the world. I don't think I have slept for days since the events in Beslan.
Roxann When children are involved I go ballistic.
Roxann There is a website if you care to contribute to many of the children who are recovering in hospitals from their terrible wounds, if they recover.
danatbird from cat1980: My question is, since Voyager was a role that lasted for 7 seasons do you find being known for the role of Belanna Torres a help or a hinderance to furthering your acting career?
Roxann I am lucky in that very few people recognize me from the show because of the makeup. Its usually my voice or name that brings them around. I have found that it has only helped. Many producers have been fans of the show.
danatbird from dbill: If you had to choose between acting, producing or writing, which one would be your first choice? (Hope you will never have to choose….)
Roxann I hope I never have to choose either!
Roxann I would like to write and produce a show that I could direct and ocasionally act in. How's that.
danatbird from will_larkin: Which ofthe Voyager cast members are you still good friends with? Will you becoming to the UK sometime again?
Roxann I would love to go back to the UK. I talk w/ Bob Picardo and Robbie.
danatbird also from will: In your own mind, have you ever worked out or wondered what happened to B'Elana when Voyager got home? How would her future and Tom's pan out and would she rejoin Starfleet?
Roxann I don't think about it often.With science fiction anything could have been possible.
danatbird from steven: I know you areinvolved in Half The Sky... I wondered how you came to be involved in the cause and if the orphanages are still as bad as they were shown to be in the film - with babies being tied down and left to die. Is there cause for hope?
Roxann I have a meeting w/ Half The Sky on Monday to find out how things are going.
danatbird Can you tell us anything about the episode of Enterprise you are about to start directing? Is it one of the ones with Brent Spiner in?
Roxann Brent Spiner is finishing his last episode now so no I will not be directing him. My episode is Vulcan Heavy. That's all I know.
danatbird If one of your children decided that they wanted to be in show business, what advice would you give them? (and would you be happy about their decision?)
Roxann Don't go into show biz .Discover the cure for cancer instead.
danatbird from Shanelle: What is your middle name?
Roxann I have no middle name. My mother forgot to give me one.
danatbird Also from Shanelle: Are you left or right handed?
Roxann I am right handed.
danatbird one more from shanelle:Since I'm studying to be a Veterinary Assistant, I was just wondering what your favorite animal is?
Roxann We just got a new puppy so I would have to say favorite animal is a German Short Haired Pointer named Booker!
Luckylady Did Harley die?
Roxann Yes, we lost Harley, our rot. A couple of weeks ago.
danatbird From wanna be like lanna:What can a german girl do to get a role in a Star Trek-production? I'd prefer a klingon person...
Roxann I don't know that there will be another Star Trek show.
danatbird From Bryan Ray Cook: Is Bill Shatner going to be on Enterprise next season as rumored? Will Roxann be directing and or writing any more episodes? What's the prospect for enterprise how many more years will it be on?
Roxann I don't know the future of Enterprise and I don't know about Shatner. Sorry.
danatbird also from Bryan: Will Roxann be getting any more awards or is listed for any more awards such as the Alma awards? Will the Enterprise crew stay intact next season? Hows the Heartland AIDS charity going?
Roxann Enterprise cast is intact and I shall be joining them next week to direct anothet episode.
danatbird from kathryn: What are you doing for your Birthday this year. How old are your girls now.
Roxann My "babies" are 4 and 6. I shall go to a soccer game to see my oldest in the am and then spend the rest of the day with my family
Roxann How about 2 more questions Dana?
Lost_Shuttle hope the team wins roxann
danatbird okay, here they come:
Roxann Thanks lost!
danatbird from sevenofninez: Do you have any plans of returning to the stage?
Roxann I would love love love to return to the stage but I have no current plans.
danatbird And, last: Did you find it difficult acting and directing in the same episode?
Roxann Yes. I don't enjoy directing myself. I like one hat at a time.
Roxann Thank you all for coming tonite!
Flying_Squirrel Thank you for your time Roxann
Shanelle Thank you Roxann
antoa Thank you Roxann
Greg_B Thanks Roxann! God bless you and yours!
irulan thank you!
Pakeha Cheers, Roxann, Thanks
Lost_Shuttle thank you roxann fro giving of your time to come
Luckylady Thank YOU for chatting with us Roxann!!
Roxann Maybe we can plan these more often...Dana?
danatbird Anytime you say, Roxann!
Roxann Thanks again Dana!!!!!!!
Spacecadet thank you roxann, and ty for so generously providing us w/ this site
cathy TY Roann!
SammyLee The best to you and yours.. BE well..!
Greg_B Thanks Dana too! Much appreciated!
antoa Thanks Dana!
Bryan_Ray_Cook Thank you.
danatbird Thanks to you, Roxann!
Flying_Squirrel Good night
SammyLee ty Dana..for hostign this fratt party
Roxann Bye. God Bless.

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